A step into the future
Split-hand, Mechanical, Ergonomic

A cutting edge keyboard with column staggered layout and enormous customization options, made to elevate your workflow to the next level

Unprecedented comfort and productivity
  • Ergonomic
    Work with width shoulders, no more unnatural position during typing, uncompromising comfort while working on a PC for a long time
  • Mechanical
    You can use your favorite switches and swap them anytime you want by hand - it's that easy!
  • Columnar
    In the K:02 each column has a different position to accommodate for different size of our fingers, reduce their travel and make it possible to easily reach any key
  • Customizable

    Powered by QMK firmware, tons of features and easy to customize in user-friendly application

The journey to the new universe begins
Here are the simple steps to follow

Step #01:

Through the levels

With only 58 keys available the K:02 has more functionality than your traditional keyboard, by using layers you can change immediately what your keys are doing.

This works the same way as Shift key, but without any restrictions, you decide what you want to see on your additional layers.

Step #02:

Use everything to reach your goal

Change any key to whichever you want, no more useless keys which you'll never touch.

Add combo keys, macro, new layers and other advanced features to make this keyboard fit your style.

Launch graphical interface straight on the web or from your PC and easily customize your keyboard within a few clicks.

Step #03:

Observe your environment

The K:02 comes with OLED display on each side.

Check on which layer you are, Caps Lock status and which Mode are currently active (Win or Mac).

Step #04:

Switch the tactics

Split design will let you place each half on a most comfortable distance from each other.

Columnar stagger instead of row stagger will help you type more naturally and comfortably, forget about typewriters.

Tenting stands for an additional comfort while typing.

Step #000:

Become limitless

By using a rising technologies of 3D manufacturing, the keyboard are built to last for decades to come. Easy to maintain and repair.

It's designed to become a part of you and be your ultimate companion in the world of computing, hacking and gaming.

  • 58
    Fully programmable keys
  • 15
    Additional layers to customize
  • 109
    Macros to automate your routine
  • 3
    Years of warranty and service support
Made for Pros and everyone who cares about their comfort, health and productivity
The future is here
Are you ready?