Three main concepts:
  1. Break an outdated paradigms, create something completely new
  2. Change how the world operates
  3. Change the mindset of the entire planet

Use only modern production methods, additive manufacturing should be main process.
Stick to Design For Manufacturing and Assembly ideology, which shortly stands for:
  • The use of standard components
  • Removal of unnecessary parts and features
  • Incorporating a modular design
  • Designing multi-functional parts
  • Eliminating fasteners

Every step of production and assembly should be simple and, if possible, automated.
Each product should be accommodated to the customer needs, not the other way around.

  • Strive for mass modularity and customization.
  • Reducing bureaucracy to zero.
  • Minimize outsourcing, costly supply chains and large warehouse rentals, with modern manufacturing methods the company should thrive without these elements.
  • The company should be always flexible and respond to new trends with a speed of light.

The more independent company - the better.

Achieve anything you want, there is no limits.

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