High Plains Drifter

Three-dimensional, Curved, Split-hand

By using a cutting edge technology of 3D printing,

we have managed to create a concave mechanical keyboard,

which provides a more natural position for hands while typing

and brings a comfortable work on a PC throughout prolonged sessions

The best way to improve your productivity and comfort


Work with width shoulders, no more unnatural position during typing, unprecedented comfort while working on a PC for a long time. The curved split design helps manage chronic pain and discomfort in the arms, shoulders and other injuries associated with traditional keyboarding


You can use your favorite switches and swap them anytime you want by hand - it's that easy! Experience tactile feedback and increase your typing speed


Redefining the design of 3D keyboards, it was created specifically without a defined tilt to the side, but with the ability to install a universal tenting system and allow the user to control the tilt or do without it at all. The curved design also allows any key to be reached with incredible ease

Change any key to whichever you want, no more useless keys which you'll never touch.

Add combo keys, macro, new layers and other advanced features to make this keyboard fit your style.

Launch graphical interface straight on the web or from your PC and easily customize your keyboard within a few clicks.

Easy to customize
Available in different colors
Made for
High Quality
Attention to detail and high-quality components ensure the reliability and durability of our devices
Technical support

Always in touch with you. Ready to help even on weekends and holidays

Unprecedented warranty
3 years full warranty for all users, we are confident in our products
A new era of comfort
By users for users