• I want to buy a complete keyboard to just plug and play, what should I do?

    Just add the switches and keycaps while ordering the keyboard. We will put switches and keycaps and you will only have to connect it to the PC.
  • Which switches and keycaps will fit my keyboard if I want to buy them elsewhere?
    Any switches and keycaps with MX stem will fit our keyboards.
  • There is a 3-pin and 5-pin variation of a switch, which one should I pick?
    Both will fit.
    The only difference is that 5-pin switches has an additional pair of plastic legs for more support on pcb, but this doesn't matter that much for our keyboards since case will snuggle switches anyway.
  • How do I customize my keyboard? How to remap keys?
    Please, refer to our documentation.
  • Which countries do you ship?
    We ship mostly worldwide. More information about shipping you can find here.
  • How soon will you ship after payment?
    We will ship within 48 hours.