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I'm new to split keyboards, which one should I choose?
Start with 60% size keyboard: Lily58 or Sofle.
I want to buy a complete keyboard to just plug and play, what should I do?

First pick up a keyboard, then proceed to the "Switches" tab and pick up any switch that you would like, then proceed to the "Keycaps" tab and choose a keycap set for your keyboard. We will put switches and keycaps to your preferred keyboard and you will only have to get an USB cable to connect it to the PC.
How do I customize my keyboard? How to remap keys?
Please, refer to our documentation.
Which countries do you ship?
We ship mostly worldwide. More information about shipping you can find here.
How soon will you ship after payment?
We will ship within 24 hours.
I don't see shipment address form. Where do I write the shipping address?
You will specify your shipping address on the paypal page.
I'm unable to pay with paypal, what should I do?
Make sure you are not using your business account, use personal or guest checkout.