A state of the art
Three-dimensional, Curved, Split-hand

By using a cutting edge technology of 3D printing,

we have managed to create a concave mechanical keyboard,

which provides a more natural position for hands while typing

and brings a comfortable work on a PC throughout prolonged sessions.

It's time to take the future in your hands
The best way to improve your productivity and comfort
  • Ergonomical
    Curved 3D design will let you work on your PC for a prolonged time without any pain
  • Split-hand
    Work with width shoulders, no more unnatural position during typing, unprecedented comfort while working on a PC for a long time
  • Mechanical
    You can use your favorite switches and swap them anytime you want by hand - it's that easy!
  • Customizable

    Powered by QMK firmware, tons of features and easy to customize in user-friendly application, smart functional RGB led for each key with a lot of cool unique effects

More than just a keyboard
Tented and concave
20 degree angle for more comfortable hands position, curved split design to reduce RSI, discomfort in hands, shoulders and everything in-between. A true game changer for prolonged work sessions.
Fully customizable
Change any key to whichever you want, switch between different RGB modes (or turn it off completely). Add combo keys, new layers and other advanced features to make this keyboard fit your style. Launch graphical interface straight on the web or from your PC and easily customize your keyboard within a few clicks.
Columnar staggered
Each of our fingers has different length, in the Remnant keyboard each row has a different position and a different depth to accommodate to our biological phenomena, reduce finger travel and make it possible to reach to any key without moving your hand.
Most advanced ergonomics
Based on Dactyl Manuform design and our experience with it, we made a more slim, compact, low profile and modern looking version without sacrificing ergonomics.
  • 58
    Fully programmable, backlit keys
  • 16
    Additional layers to customize
  • 3
    Years of warranty and service support
Made for Pros and everyone who cares about their comfort, health and productivity
The future of keyboards is here
Are you ready?