XDA "Prologue"
Our first made keycap set
Meet XDA "Prologue"
Specificaly crafted set of Dye-sub PBT keycaps for a various ergonomic mechanical keyboards, this is our first creation in our series of custom made keycaps which we have produced for our beloved community and ergonomic mechanical keyboard users in mind.
Made in limited quantity (only 10 sets), this keycap set will guarantee that your keyboard will be unique among others.
This set is called "Prologue" since it's our first keycap set and we are really proud of it. Elegant, durable and minimal - is what we have aimed for this set to be, the ideals which we always strive for in our company.
Elegant and super clean
Uniform thin letters, simple icons and two colored keys for layers - the minimalist dream came true!
High quality and durable
Made to last long with special dye-sub technique which will guarantee that symbols would never ever rub off. And PBT material will make sure that your keycaps won't ever be shiny after long term use (the common problem of ABS keycaps).
Did we mention that this keycap set was made specificaly for our users in mind?
Index keys
F and J keys have a little dot for comfortable touch typing (Optional)
Special box
Comes in a convenient box (just like in pictures) with cover, this set can be easily presented as a gift
2 languages
5 sets made with Latin(English US) layout and 5 sets made with Latin+Cyrillic(Russian) layout.
Starting soon
Limited edition, don't miss your chance!