The smell of cold steel, the night city with neon lights and digitalization inspired us to create a Cyberpunk keycap set.
  • third limited edition
  • 72 keycaps
  • only 10 sets
  • special font "Major Mono Display"
  • suitable for all of our mechanical keyboards
You will quickly become accustomed to split keyboard with our set. There will be minimum typing number of errors.
Comfort and Convenience

Made in limited quality (only 10 sets), this keycap set will guarantee that your keyboard will be unique among others.

Made to last long with special dye-sub technique which will guarantee that symbols would never ever rub off.
Comes in a convenient box (just like in pictures) with cover.

Option to add homing dots allows you to chose if you need homing keys or not.
Special box
Index keys
The original "Major Mono Display" font and the Cyberpunk icons specially selected for this set create the atmosphere of the world of the future.
One cap, one legend.
It makes your keyboard unique and useful for different international layouts
Special style
Limited edition
On sale now!