XDA "Binary Anomaly"

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Specificaly crafted set of Dye-sub PBT keycaps for a various ergonomic mechanical keyboards.
The smell of cold steel, the night city with neon lights and digitalization inspired us to create a Cyberpunk keycap set.

  • Set of 72 keycaps are suitable for all of our mechanical keyboards.
  • Option to add homing dots allows you to chose if you need homing keys F and J or not, also you can chose to have two different homing keys with option "Other" (usable for different layouts than QWERTY), just make sure to leave a comment in the checkout.
  • Option to add keycaps allows you to duplicate any symbol from the set (usable if you have two ctrl, alt, shift, etc. keys on your keyboard), just make sure to leave a comment in the checkout.
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