Ergonomic split mechanical keyboard K:02 with 5 thumb keys on each half

Standard in the world of ergonomic keyboards

  • Minimalist, compact design
  • OLED displays will show useful information: layer navigation, Win or Mac mode, Caps lock status, firmware version and cool animations
  • 58 fully programmable keys, 15 additional layers for all your tasks
  • The case is made from high-quality PLA
  • Powered by Dual-core Arm Cortex-M0+ processor
  • Hotswap sockets, use your favorite MX based switches without any soldering, just plug and play - it's that simple!
  • 15 mm tenting legs are included
  • Type-C output, all necessary cables are included
  • Easily remap any key and customize your keyboard without reflashing with Vial graphical configurator
  • 3-year of warranty and service support for all our customers

All switches are pre-lubed
Typing test:
Gateron Brown G Pro 3.0
Tecsee Ruby
Tecsee Sapphire
Tecsee Purple Panda
Tecsee Pudding Medium

Keyboard: K:02