Tecsee mechanical switches
Only quality materials are used in the manufacture of the switches, guaranteeing durability and a superior feel with every press. Smooth and fast typing with Ruby, confident typing with a pleasant tactile response with Purple Panda or the unique mid-profile Pudding. Choose what's right for you

1 lot contains 10 pcs, enter the required quantity at the check-out

Tecsee Ruby switch

Linear switches with a unique shiny Polycarbonate Mix for the housing and an improved UHMWPE stem.It offers smooth travel with a cushioned bottom out thanks to its long-pole stem. It is a delicate and beautiful linear smooth switch:

  • linear
  • 5-pin
  • stem material: UHMWPE
  • top material: polycarbonate mix
  • two-stage spring weighing 63.5 g.
  • actuation: 55 g.
  • bottom out 63.5 g.
  • factory pre-lubed

Tecsee Purple Panda switch

Long stem tactile switches with a unique sound and smoothness.PME housing and POM long stem are made to make this high strength tactile switch, which has a 55g actuation force:

  • tactile
  • 5-pin
  • stem material: POM
  • top material: PME
  • spring weighing 68 g.
  • actuation: 55 g.
  • bottom out 67 g.
  • factory pre-lubed

Pudding Medium switch

The Tecsee Medium Switch is a hybrid of the Small Switch and the standard MX switch. It is shorter in height and still compatible with MX bracket keycaps:

  • tactile
  • medium profile
  • 5-pin
  • stem material: yellow POM
  • top material: HPE
  • stem height is only 9.78mm
  • actuation: 50 gr.
  • bottom out 63,5 gr.
  • factory pre-lubed

Pudding Medium switches + DSA white keycaps without symbols

A set of switches and keycaps to reduce the height of the keyboard, and therefore the height of the arm elevation, while reducing the strain on the hands during prolonged work at the PC

DSA set does not include red and blue keycaps