High Plains Drifter

High Plains Drifter (or HPD) is a keyboard ready to change the way you think about ergonomics in typing

Redefining the design of 3D keyboards, it was created specifically without a defined tilt to the side, but with the ability to install a universal tenting system and allow the user to control the tilt or do without it at all. The curved design also allows any key to be reached with incredible ease

  • Curved, ergonomic 3D design
  • Unprecedented comfort while working on a PC for a long time
  • Made from PLA, case color is absolutly white. High quality keyboard, which will serve you for many years, is our top priority
  • Hotswap sockets, use your favorite MX based switches without any soldering, just plug and play - it's that simple!
  • Powerful Dual-core Arm Cortex-M0+ processor with 2MB on-board flash memory
  • Comes with optional tenting stands for more comfortable typing
  • Type C output, all necessary cables are included
  • Powered by QMK firmware. Easily remap any key and customize your keyboard without reflashing with Vial graphical configurator
  • 3-year of warranty and service support for all our customers
  • All switches are pre-lubbed

Documentation on the use of the keyboard