Enhanced comfort system for K:03 and Imperial44
  • More comfort and less fatigue during prolonged keyboard use
  • Additional tilt at 5.5° degrees
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Soft palm rest made of foam, with the front part crafted from high-quality synthetic leather (handcrafted in Russia)
  • Palm rest dimensions: 114x90mm
  • Overall product dimensions (one half): 220x175x30mm (K:03) and 210x170x30mm (Imperial44)

Travel bag
  • Easily transport your keyboard with you
  • Compatible with all our keyboards except Planeta
  • Minimalistic design without inscriptions and logos
  • Soft velour provides a pleasant tactile sensation
  • Gently protects your device from scratches, dust and dirt
  • Compact size and easy tightening for secure storage
  • Full product size: 390x210x20mm
  • Handcrafted in Russia

Handrests for HPD and Velvet v2
  • Provides additional comfort while typing all day long
  • Connects to the keyboard using a special mechanism
  • Made of high quality PLA and measuring 112x100x19mm (HPD) and 130x104x15мм (Velvet v2)