Both Corne, Lily58 and Sofle keyboards come pre-flashed with QMK firmware and with VIA enabled out-of-the-box.
Using VIA
This is the easiest way to customize your keyboard to your liking. All you have to do is just:
  • Download the latest version of VIA
  • Install the program, plug the keyboard and it will be autodetected.
  • Change any key that you want and it will be instantly remaped. You can save your new layout as a backup in case if you would want to experiment with it further.

Using command line
This is fully covered in the QMK Docs. Take a look at the guide here.

Hex files and full source code
In case you would want to reflash the keyboard back to our original keymap for any reason or want to take a look at the source code of the keymap and start editing it for you needs, we provide everything in our github repo: