Connecting keyboard:
When connecting the keyboard to the computer, make sure the USB-C cable is firmly inserted into the connector
Customizing keyboard:
Please refer to the Vial guide
To disable the piezo-speaker press the key "Speaker On/Off" on the 3rd layer
Universal tenting system
Comes with 15° legs for added comfort.
You can also try other legs that will be more comfortable for you
Caps Word function
Press LShift and RShift simultaneously to activate Caps Word. This function allows you to type entire words in uppercase letters without holding down the Caps Lock key. Caps Word is automatically disabled at the end of a word
Customizing the display
A program to display useful information on the display can be downloaded here (available on Windows, Linux). Change the "ProductId" in qmk-hid-host.json to 24672.
The HID firmware must be installed for use
Updating firmware via bootmagic:
Before installation:
  • Download latest firmware here (planeta_v1.uf2 or planeta_v2.uf2 file depending on your keyboard variation)
  • Save your current layout in Vial by clicking on a "File>Save current layout"

  • Press the upper left key and connect USB
  • Wait until controller enter bootloader mode and storage folder will open
  • Copy or move the Uf2 file and after that the controller should automatically reboot and work as usual
  • Import back your saved layout for Vial by clicking on a "File>Load saved layout"

In case of any questions write us on mail or in telegram.