Connecting macropad:
When connecting the macropad to the computer, make sure the USB-C cable is firmly inserted into the connector
Customizing macropad:
Please refer to the Vial guide
Universal tenting system
Comes with 15° legs for added comfort.
You can also try other legs that will be more comfortable for you
Updating firmware via bootmagic:
Before installation:
  • Download latest firmware here (m4cr0pad.uf2 file)
  • Save your current layout in Vial by clicking on a "File>Save current layout"

  • Press the upper left key and connect USB
  • Wait until controller enter bootloader mode and storage folder will open
  • Copy or move the Uf2 file and after that the controller should automatically reboot and work as usual
  • Import back your saved layout for Vial by clicking on a "File>Load saved layout"

In case of any questions write us on mail or in telegram.